Tuesday, January 08, 2013

But everything is delicious here

You know, it's a good thing that I am no good at math, because at least that narrows things down a little. I was talking about heroes yesterday (please read that post if you haven't. It involves the Hamster.) and one of my first ones was Oscar Wilde* whose solution to choices was to always choose both. I really find it irksome how knowledge ends up parcelled up between different fields and experts, forcing me to choose.

Wherever possible, it must be said, I do choose both options. There is no reason I can't have it both ways. It isn't always comfortable or inexpensive is all. The only reason I don't have a degree in a different field to my own delightfully useless one is that I can't choose. I used to really want to be a lawyer. Seriously. A trial lawyer. It still appeals to me, though some of the lawyers I know have not, I must say, improved my opinion of the field.

Anyway, so when I was watching Time Commanders (see, I told you you had to read the previous post) and I remembered that I really thought about becoming a historian - and even more useless lovely discipline than my own - and it still really appeals to me. Archeology too - egyptology especially, competitive as it is and I am not. Psychology has always interested me and only my laziness and fear of math really put me off it. Architecture always seemed like the world's loveliest profession, so pleasing to the eye. Computer science? Fascinating and foundational.

Science too. Oh, don't think physics doesn't appeal to me because I suck at it. Some days, I think I married the Spouse just because he is good at science (and a languages. Bastard). But no, I married him for his good looks of course, science was just a bonus.

Thank goodness that education is expensive in the US** because otherwise I would have long since quit my job to take up continuous education. It's all so wonderfully interesting. Should I learn American Sign Language at least? Or take a class international studies (hah, international studies. What a name for a field)? Shall I take up Latin again?

In this candy shop, my dollar never buys enough different kinds, and my enjoyment of what I am tasting now is always a little infused with the thought of what to try next.

* Why is it that I vacillate between the wimpy but cultured and the physically courageous (and still quite cultured)? Does this mean I think Orwell is a step up from Wilde?
**Well, no, actually it's awful. You see my point though.

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