Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hey moonlight

We all have our superpowers. The trouble with superpowers is that you generally have to get your planet blown up before you discover them.

It really annoys me when people argue with me about intelligence when I say I'm really only average. It isn't a question, my dears, it's a statement. It is surely clear by now that I love nothing so much as a brilliant mind. Especially  if it wears glasses. It's just a joy to be around, even if it is intimidating and I can't keep up. But it isn't me. My point is that clearly my brain, while promising early on, is not going to be my superpower. Too frivolous. Too easily distracted by smart people in cute glasses (or cute people in smart specs)*.

Then someone blows up your planet with a giant laser.

Nothing focuses the mind like a little adversity. The superpowers become evident. The first and greatest is the network. Like silk** body armour, my network of friends and family absorbs the energy of the impact. Bruises form quickly, but the worst of the blow is deflected***.

I have quality friends and family. DuPont couldn't engineer them better.

The second superpower is connected to the first. Protected by that first one, I find that the frivolity flips into a decent sense of humour, and the gentle learning from my network has long since taught me that the universe is not out to get me. Bad things happen to everyone, and I have a good capacity for happiness. That's not a given. I'll take it.

Credit to this song by pennybirdrabbit for the title thought and to this video for slow motion footage of shooting body armour.

*Though actually hardly any of my intellectual heroes iconically wear/wore glasses. I guess Stephen Fry has reading glasses now, but that hardly counts.
**I'd say Kevlar, but my friends are definitely more silk than Kevlar. Besides, spider silk is the future. Spider silk and nanotubes. Some of my friends are likely nanotubes.
***Well yeah, what do you expect after a week of my watching nothing but martial tv?

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