Friday, February 22, 2013

No exit always means exit

I am stealing that title, though I don't remember who from. A passing thought on my current reading, Omweg naar Santiago: he writes about Jorge Luis Borges' death. I've not read Borges, no desire. Too labyrinthine, too meta. This amused me anyway, since I have, perhaps appropriately, read about Borges a fair amount - Nooteboom quotes the headline from newspaper Liberation on Borges' death.


*Footnote on everything here: Nooteboom also says he wishes someone would name a star after Borges, leaving a "thing named Borges;" it reminds me of Hitchens and his asteroid of course. And of those two very different men meeting in a strange, shadowy way.

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Renee West said...

I've just started to read The Aleph because I've always admired him when hearing him interviewed or reading an essay of his. I've no idea what I've got myself into, it seems. The MC Escher drawing on the front cover should have clued me in, I guess. Meta, indeed!